A problem well stated is a problem half solved

Rashida Prattis is a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist with over 10 years of professional experience. She specializes in complex multi-stakeholder design challenges that require  empathy and focus to map out and resolve. While most of her clients work in healthcare, she has also tackled challenges related to racial equity, education, and technology.

Her design method is practical and straightforward. She first studies the design challenge deeply from multiple perspectives then uses her expertise in communication and  design thinking to develop solutions collaboratively with her clients. Working with Rashida means establishing a deep partnership with an empathetic and skilled designer who advocates for the outcomes you desire.



Customer Experience
Journey Mapping
CX Research


Website Design
Motion Graphics


Workshop Design
Service Design
Startup Advisory

Graphic Design

Keynote Design
Books, Posters

"Rashida has been an amazing strategic partner for our audience research. She made our vision crystal clear and got us up and running in no time."

Jabe Bloom, Founder of RightUp

Design connects
what we create
with who we are

I pledge to create things that serve what people truly need.
I pledge to second-guess, double-check, and seek a third option.
I am committed to achieving these goals ethically with little or no harm to the planet, or to the people who manufacture my designs, or perform services I design.

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