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Project Info

Junto Health partners with AHA to launch Nexus, an executive learning program

AHA Nexus is an exclusive learning collaborative for healthcare leaders who want to cultivate an authentic innovation culture and develop new capabilities within their organization. Members meet frequently throughout the year for expert-led discussions and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing summits, co-creating an evolving body of knowledge for healthcare innovation and a network of willing partners.

From inception to sales, to facilitation; Junto Health acted as an embedded partner to AHA for the launch their executive cohort, Nexus.

Member Organizations

  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • Atlantic Health
  • Banner Health
  • Bay State Health
  • Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Children's Hospital LA
  • Community Health Systems
  • Geisinger Health
  • Hartford HealthCare
  • Jefferson Health
  • Novant Health
  • Providence
  • Riverwood Healthcare Center
  • St. Luke's Health
  • University Hospital (Newark)
  • White Plains

AHA Nexus used a peer-to-peer learning model to grow organization innovation capabilities

A learning lab is a self-directed consortium of complementary organizations who meet regularly to learn best practices related to strategic innovation in healthcare and practice new skills to expand their internal innovation capabilities.

Our learning lab offered members the ability to develop new skills and build influence in the ecosystem.

  • Develop new capabilities. Nexus conversations created an environment where members could learn from and network with expert practitioners within the membership and leverage Nexus tools & templates.
  • Deliver more impact. Assembling like-minded leaders revealed shared interests and goals across member organizations. Members identified opportunities for strategic collaborations, new technology commercializations, and venture capital investments throughout the program.

Example Nexus Conversations:

  • How can we engage our workforce and upgrade our internal culture with more innovative thinking?
  • What new tools, skills, and processes do we need to do meaningful innovation work?
  • How can we attract the right partners for collaborations?

Nexus Program Elements

Dynamic Curriculum:

Members crowdsourced their shared priorities & open questions into a dynamic “curriculum,” which we used to curate the content and speakers for each meeting.

Shared Knowledge Library:

Aggregated over time, the Nexus knowledge library is available for Members to use during their day-to-day, share with their colleagues, and adapt for the development of thought leadership.

Shared Toolkit

Innovation Readiness Assessment:

Using NASA’s TRL as our inspiration, Lab Members will work with AHA’s leadership, research team, and select partners to develop “Innovation Readiness Level’s” (IRL’s) that can be applied across any AHA Member, giving executives an objective insight into what they need to improve to survive & thrive in this new healthcare environment

Peer Groups:

Over time, the IRL’s will be used to create Peer Groups amongst participants, who will meet regularly to share best practices, learn new concepts, and network with similar peers.

Recurring Events:

To establish and maintain momentum as a community, the Nexus roadmap will include a mix of quarterly events, monthly virtual “salons,” adhoc video trainings and webinars, as well as an annual summit convened by AHA.

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