Novo Nordisk Strategy

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When Novo Nordisk had the ambition to transform their digital strategy, they hit the ground running with enthusiasm. Observing their competition making pricey missteps and a big swing at building an accelerator internally, the team felt overwhelmed by inbound pitches, exhausted by redundant projects created while engaging multiple vendors, and didn’t have a big win under their belt.

Often busy with their own objectives, senior managers were very disengaged with innovation work, making it difficult to build consensus for change. The digital transformation wouldn’t be successful without the trust and commitment of budget owning leaders.


If we can open innovation efforts across Novo Nordisk we will attract the support of like-minded colleagues, reduce redundant efforts, and empower employees to bring innovative practices to their daily work.


  1. Catalog of open projects and needs across teams
  2. Programming for community-led topics
  3. Professional development training
  4. Designed & delivered custom workshops


  1. Developed stronger innovation culture & skillset
  2. Centralized knowledge wiki & resources/tools/top learnings/feedback
  3. Built real consensus for change and improvement across departments
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