Energize Company Culture

Invest in the full potential of your team. I design systems that blend training, peer accountability, and continuous improvement. Empower your team members and retain top talent to your organization.

Optimize Flow

Find your balance between disorderly mess and executive oversight.

Getting work done doesn't have to feel like herding cats. I offer a suite of tools for executives to get a handle on what makes their team tick and provides an opportunity to identify and resolve systemic issues that prevent work from flowing.

  • Agile Assessment
  • Governance Model Development
  • A3 Problem Definition Workshop
  • Kanban
  • Flow Model

Guided Brainstorming

Revive the typical meeting to boost team engagement.

Finding free time to connect with colleagues can be difficult. To get the most out of the limited time executives have with their peers, I've designed and facilitated workshops that engage from the front row to the back of the room. My fast-paced style gets you and your colleagues out of your seats, oscillating between individual ideation and group activity.

  • Empathy Map
  • Double Diamond
  • Jobs to be Done
  • Brand Personality
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